weekly reel May 5, 2013

Just discovered FAUVE (thx Bertrand!), and wow:

Fauve - Blizzard (youtube-nocookie.com)


  • Paul Miller's write-up of a year offline, I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet. via waxy links.
    I'd read enough blog posts and magazine articles and books about how the internet makes us lonely, or stupid, or lonely and stupid, that I'd begun to believe them. I wanted to figure out what the internet was "doing to me," so I could fight back. But the internet isn't an individual pursuit, it's something we do with each other. The internet is where people are.
  • Stop Drawing Dead Fish, Bret Victor digging deeper through his 'Computer artists need physical connection with their creation stronger than just code' motto, via waxy links
  • McDonald’s Theory, via HN
  • The Amanda Palmer Problem: How Does a Cult Musician Become a Figure to Be Mocked?
    "The web offers an opportunity to fall into the open arms of fans, in ways that weren’t available before. Here’s the catch: The web also makes it near-impossible to fall into the arms of just one’s fans. Each time you dive into the crowd, some portion of the audience before you consists of observers with no interest in catching you. And you are still asking them to, because another thing the web has done is erode the ability to put something into the world that is directed only at interested parties." via waxy links
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