weekly reel December 20, 2015

MUSIC! Tons of excellent grooves this week, thanks to Bandcamp's end of year best of. Go start with the screaming brass of TOO MANY ZOOZ...

F NOTE by TOO MANY ZOOZ (bandcamp.com)

The Internet EP by TOO MANY ZOOZ (bandcamp.com)

... relax with a few sips of Dawn of Midi's delicious piano electronica...

Dysnomia by Dawn of Midi (bandcamp.com)

... and headbob on Vulfpeck's Beastie Boy-esque funk:

Mit Peck by Vulfpeck (bandcamp.com)

Vollmilch by Vulfpeck (bandcamp.com)

My First Car by Vulfpeck (bandcamp.com)

Fugue State by Vulfpeck (bandcamp.com)

Thrill of the Arts by Vulfpeck (bandcamp.com)


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