/books November 01, 2017

Howdy, friend! Glorious blog has a new glorious "books" section, containing a first note on my recent 10 day Vipassana course. Go have a look, I'll wait.

These are not book reviews but reading notes, to fixate thoughts, with pg’s "keeping a trace of previous brain compilations" mindset, and in Derek Sivers’ style. As described by Sivers, they're absolutely not reviews, but instead tools to help internalize knowledge. I like his approach, so I'm copying it.

And as any good abstraction, it leaks: the first note is not about a book, but rather about my recent experience of a 10 day Vipassana course. Regardless, I keep preferring /books/ to /experiences/ (which is too long and reads like you can conveniently order meth from me, which you cannot –yet–), or /notes/ (which sounds bland). So /books/ it is!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying what noting brings me 🙂; feedback and 📕 suggestions welcome. Take care, take care, take care.

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