weekly reel February 20, 2022

Hi geeks, and music with new Big Thief and Zeal & Ardor.

Dragon new warm mountain i believe in you by Big Thief (bandcamp.com)

Zeal & Ardor by Zeal and Ardor (bandcamp.com)


Kreative Kontrol #667: Efrim Manuel Menuck, thx Berthe.

[fr] Changements climatiques : Deux bons Thinkerview avec Aurore Stéphant, et Jean-Marc Jancovici + Laurent Morel. Aussi, [fr] Nitot : Notre rapport toxique à l'automobile. Also, SMBC: Omission.

Lu Pan: Don't point out something wrong immediately. HN.

Plague: Measles makes your immune system forget its protections against past illness, et [fr] Médiapart - Covid long.

Radionews: “OK Computer but everything is my voice”, and NPR: Greenwood pretended to play the keyboard when he joined Radiohead.


Hyrum's Law:

With a sufficient number of users of an API, it does not matter what you promise in the contract: all observable behaviors of your system will be depended on by somebody.

Shitty tech ℹ️

Casey Newton interviews Molly White, author of Web 3 is going great. 👏:

I don't see a future for web3, and I am quite critical of it. But I do acknowledge that despite the very negative things I've highlighted about it, there are some positives. It's drawing attention to a lot of things that I am delighted to see highlighted: community-driven projects, community organizing, and open source software, to name a few. It's also drawing a lot of people in to get involved with tech, often from new backgrounds (artists, for example), and that's great. I am hoping that even if web3 turns out to be a disaster, and I do think it will, some of those people stick around, and keep going with open source software and community-driven projects without all of the blockchain bullshit. That could be very powerful.

As far as specific projects, if anything good comes out of web3, I expect it will emerge despite the technologies rather than as a result of them. There are all kinds of people trying to solve very real problems, but they are putting all their eggs in the one basket: a type of datastore that's often very expensive and inefficient, and which introduces complexities around decentralization, immutability, and privacy that many projects will find impossible to overcome.

Anil Dash: That broken tech/content culture cycle.

Audiblegate. HN.

DF: On Spotify’s ambitions to dominate podcasting, and Spotify is acquiring two major podcast surveillance “ad tech” platforms. Well summed up by Gruber:

Spotify is trying to do to podcasting what Facebook did to “having your own website”.

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