weekly reel August 23, 2020

Hi frendz. This week's music is Penelope Isles, and new thenotwist.

Until The Tide Creeps In by Penelope Isles (bandcamp.com)

Ship by thenotwist (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel August 16, 2020

Hola. Music, with more Gull, Ash Walker, Céu.

Skull by GULL (bandcamp.com)

Aquamarine by Ash Walker (bandcamp.com)

Tropix by Céu (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel August 9, 2020

Hi geeks. This week's music is Delta Sleep and Rival Consoles.

Soft Sounds (Live Series) by Delta Sleep (bandcamp.com)

Articulation by Rival Consoles (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel August 2, 2020

Hey ho. Music, with Gull (thx OJ!), Scott Thiessen, Sufjan Stevens.

Gull - Fast Enough (youtube-nocookie.com)

Gull - The Palm Waters (youtube-nocookie.com)

America by Sufjan Stevens (bandcamp.com)

TOY by Scott Thiessen (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel July 26, 2020

Hi friends. This week's music is Floex.

Pilgrims by Tomáš Dvořák (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel July 19, 2020

Hello weirdos. Music, with Microwave, Wilma Vritra, DEBBIE FRIDAY.

Death is a Warm Blanket by Microwave (bandcamp.com)

Burd by Wilma Vritra (bandcamp.com)

DEATH DRIVE by DEBBY FRIDAY (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel July 12, 2020

Hi frendz, and music, with Bobby Oroza's velvety lo-fi soul.

This Love by Bobby Oroza (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel July 5, 2020

Hi there, and music with new Sébastien Tellier, thx Berthe.

Domesticated by Sébastien Tellier (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel June 28, 2020

Hi folks. This week's music is: N NAO, Blithe Field, Jerry Quickley, all via joni void's bandcamp recommendations.

À jamais pour toujours by N NAO (bandcamp.com)

Days Drift By by Blithe Field (bandcamp.com)

(american) FOOL by Jerry Quickley (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel June 21, 2020

Hi geeks. This week's music is: excellent new joni void, Toe and Lapalux.

Reel2Reel by joni void (bandcamp.com)

Toe - Distance sessions 2020 (youtube-nocookie.com)

Amnioverse by Lapalux (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel June 14, 2020

Hi weirdos! This week, on the music side: a fresh take on Philip Glass by Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper, lovely new Gyan Riley, and Inventions.

Glassforms by Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper (bandcamp.com)

Shelter in Space by Gyan Riley (bandcamp.com)

Continuous Portrait by Inventions (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel June 7, 2020

Hi frendz, and music, with new Carrom.

"Alter-destinies" EP by CARROM (bandcamp.com)


weekly reel May 31, 2020

Bonjour bonsoir. Music, with old new Radiohead from the Basement.

Radiohead - Lotus Flower (From the Basement) (youtube-nocookie.com)


weekly reel May 24, 2020

👋 and music, with Mark Hollis (thx Sam!), Terry+Gyan Riley, Roger Waters.

Mark Hollis (1998) (youtube-nocookie.com)

Way Out Yonder by Terry Riley + Gyan Riley (bandcamp.com)

Roger Waters - Mother (youtube-nocookie.com)

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weekly reel May 17, 2020

Hi folks. Music, with new and not-so-new Dead forest index.

I see one stone fall on one stone falling, by A dead forest index (bandcamp.com)

In all that drifts from summit down, by A dead forest index (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel May 10, 2020

Bonjour bonsoir. Music, with new Rone.

Room with a view by Rone (bandcamp.com)

News news news:

weekly reel May 3, 2020

Hola. This week's music is fresh new Mogwai and Ben Lukas Boysen.

ZEROZEROZERO by Mogwai (bandcamp.com)

Mirage by Ben Lukas Boysen (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel April 26, 2020

Hi frendz. This week's music is self-evident (thx OJ) and old dEUS (thx Berthe).

endings by self-evident (bandcamp.com)

dEUS - The ideal crash (youtube-nocookie.com)

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weekly reel April 19, 2020

Hi folks, and music, with Igorrr.

Spirituality and Distortion by Igorrr (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel April 12, 2020

Hola, and music, with Martyn Heyne, new M. Ward, Yugen Blakrok.

Electric Intervals by Martyn Heyne (bandcamp.com)

Migration Stories by M. Ward (bandcamp.com)

Anima Mysterium by Yugen Blakrok (bandcamp.com)


  • [fr] Monsieur Phi - Les essais cliniques sont-ils immoraux ?
  • [fr] Rubin Steiner - L'université populaire de la musique moderne, merci Julien.
  • [fr] IRIS / Eric Martin : Comment réussir la démondialisation ?
  • Coronavirus:
    • Kottke: Why has Germany been effective at limiting Covid-19 deaths?
    • Maciej Cegłowski: Let's all wear a mask.
    • [fr/qc] Got a word from a friend (merci Berthe) about the "fined while singing happy birthday to a friend from their car" case: this is a good example of La Presse providing hot-but-often-incorrect facts and failing to correct past articles once they got the facts straightened up. My friend says it's not a rare occurence from them, and recommends to take all they write with a grain of salt, or avoid them and read slower-but-more-accurate newspapers.
      1. [Monday @ 5AM](https://www.lapresse.ca/covid-19/202004/06/01-5268157-le-spvm-distribue-des-amendes-salees.php): _"Selon elle, les agents lui ont dit qu’elle recevrait par la poste une amende de 1500 $ d’ici 10 jours et qu’advenant une deuxième infraction, elle risquait de six mois à un an de prison."_
      2. [Monday @ 12, about the same case](https://www.lapresse.ca/covid-19/202004/06/01-5268206-le-spvm-a-emis-67-constats-dinfraction.php): _"un porte-parole du SPVM a indiqué à La Presse que c’est un avertissement, et non un constat d’infraction, qui a été remis en fin de semaine à une femme dont des amis sont venus souligner l’anniversaire en voiture, à Beaconsfield. « La dame a été avertie. Elle n’a pas reçu de constat et n’en recevra pas », nous a-t-on dit."_

    Article 1 could kiiiinda be considered okay-ish if corrected through an in-article erratum after article 2. got published, but this didn't happen. Also, reading 1.'s _"selon elle"_ literally, yes the gap disappears (reading it as La Presse _"just reporting what *she* said"_), but c'm'on, this is not journalism then, this is gossip forwarding without the slightest fact-checking.

    So: one case (among others if I trust my friend's experience) where La Presse 1. doesn't check facts / fails to adequately signal un-checked facts, and 2. fails to publish in-article erratas after a fact was debunked. Not the best journalism 😕. Keep it in mind.

  • Tech: