rien weekly reel November 22, 2014

RIEN releases their final album (thx Bertrand). Bravo, et longue vie à vous, RIEN.

On the interwebs,

weekly reel October 13, 2014

Howdy. Grab some Portico Quartet:

And news!

weekly reel September 01, 2014


weekly reel August 10, 2014

Alice: What's up today, good sir? — Bob: Suuns!

Alice: Anything else? — Bob: INTERNETS:

weekly reel August 04, 2014

L'Homme qui Plantait des Arbres, un texte de Jean Giono animé par Frederic Back et dit par Philippe Noiret :

And web stuff:

holiday weekly reel July 28, 2014

Howdy! Try some Apparat - Krieg und Frieden (Music For Theatre):

And on the interwebs,

weekly reel July 06, 2014

Hola, esta semana:

weekly reel June 24, 2014

Damon Albarn tells us about our Photographs:

And this week, a batch of news from-the-internets-and-about-the-internets:

  • This Is Phil Fish, good mini-documentary about internet culture and celebrity.
  • Two beautiful StillDrinking articles:
    • On TL;DR: The Big Truth.
    • One Space, Two Space, Shut Up, #@$% You, on human exchanges and the impossibility of real discussion on the web:
      "As a species, we've been pretending for centuries that the content of our conversation is the important thing. There is an intense form of conversation where this is true, but it's a taxing way to relate. The better part of our dialogue is a way to get to know people, pass time, and feel closer to each other, and this is the bedrock upon which to have the taxing kind of conversation, the occasional argument, and exchange complicated or sensitive information. The internet wars remove this bedrock, to better document the fragility of our egos, and their volcanic responses to challenge."

weekly reel June 16, 2014


weekly reel June 01, 2014

In my ears this week, a lot of the sublime Audiorama by Mermonte, thanks Bertrand!

In the news,

  • Slot antennas for amateur radio bands - Calculations & simulation with OpenEMS (direct link to PDF), new paper from my bro about making accessible antenna designs that traditionnally require heavy research and material investment. Awesome.
  • Faking Cultural Literacy, via kottke. Excellent read.
    "The information is everywhere, a constant feed in our hands, in our pockets, on our desktops, our cars, even in the cloud. The data stream can’t be shut off. It pours into our lives a rising tide of words, facts, jokes, GIFs, gossip and commentary that threatens to drown us. Perhaps it is this fear of submersion that is behind this insistence that we’ve seen, we’ve read, we know. It’s a none-too-convincing assertion that we are still afloat. So here we are, desperately paddling, making observations about pop culture memes, because to admit that we’ve fallen behind, that we don’t know what anyone is talking about, that we have nothing to say about each passing blip on the screen, is to be dead."
  • Anti-vaxx? How about pro-disease?, the U.S. are scary.
  • TrueCrypt.org doing weird things. Via HN, where good geek-speculation happen.
  • The Internet With A Human Face, Maciej Cegłowski on privacy, "Investor Storytime" and the grim state of the modern Internet. Via waxy links.
  • SMBC #3370, on technology vs. privacy.