weekly reel February 28, 2021

Hi frendz, and music, with Fantômes.

IT'S OK by Fantomes (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel February 21, 2021

Hi folks, and music, with Nubya Garcia.

Nubya Garcia: Tiny Desk Concert (youtube-nocookie.com)

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rust February 15, 2021


This blag used to be spat out by a static site generator written in Python!

This blag is now spat out by a static site generator written in Rust, "a language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software" !

Both are dope!

These days I like Rust a lot!

You should totally give it a try and see for yourself if you like it too!

"Why the rewrite?" Because as I learnt Rust, I looked for a project to get my hands dirty, and my head tilted sideways when I thought about this blog's generator: under-engineered, untested, exploding into a million shiny sputtering sparkles everytime I touched a screw. No better way to practice a new language than to rewrite a {small, known, broken} evil!

Nope, I won't publish the source, as 1. it would need a good amount of generalization & configurability work to be broadly useful outside of my narrow use case, and 2. I have zarroo desire to maintain yet another open-source static site generator and answer your bug reports 😁. There are already nineteen bajillion excellent ones under the sun, including a great one in Rust and using the same templating engine: Zola!

Aaaand apart from THANK YOU RUST COMMUNITY, I have nothing to write about Rust, it's totally all the things you read about it on Hipster News, and more! But, happy to chat about it IRL!

::<❤️👋>! On that note, here are ten scraps of rust for your ears:

Wet and rusting by Menomena (bandcamp.com)

Polyphonic rust by Igorrr (bandcamp.com)

Rust by El Huervo (bandcamp.com)

Let the cool goddess rust away by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (bandcamp.com)

Rusty nails by Moderat (bandcamp.com)

Impression rustique by SHPIK (bandcamp.com)

Rustic raver by Squarepusher (bandcamp.com)

Rustic city fathers by Vic Chesnutt (bandcamp.com)

Rustem by Taraf de Haïdouks (bandcamp.com)

Rusted wheel by Silversun Pickups (bandcamp.com)

weekly reel February 14, 2021

Bonjour bonsoir. This week's music is GoGo Penguin (thx Marianne), and an awesome Radiohead cover from Kelly Lee Owens:

v2.0 by GoGo Penguin (bandcamp.com)

Inner Song by Kelly Lee Owens (bandcamp.com)

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weekly reel February 7, 2021

Hola. Music, with wonderful new Notwist, and James Ferraro (thx Chris).

Vertigo Days by The Notwist (bandcamp.com)

Terminus by James Ferraro (bandcamp.com)

On the news,