weekly reel June 19, 2022

Bonjour bonsoir, and music with Michael Rault.

Michael Rault by Michael Rault (bandcamp.com)


Gawker: I should be able to mute America.

SMBC: Unity.


Scott Alexander - Your book review: The future of fusion energy.

adn on gamedev: Luck, Competition, Authorship isn’t real.

Shitty tech ℹ️

The Onion: Google Maps adds shortcuts through houses of people Google knows aren’t home right now 😄.

weekly reel June 12, 2022

Hi geeks, and music with Gnod, thx Laurie.

Chaudelande by Gnod (bandcamp.com)


How many COVID infections will you have in your lifetime?

David Cain: The rut principle.

[fr] Science étonnante - L’expérience de Milgram sur la soumission à l’autorité.

The intense corporate ‘Hell Camps’ of 1980s Japan: Atlas Obscura, Time. Thx Gordu.

[fr] David Castello-Lopes veut du sale, merci Berthe.

National Geographic: Russians were once banned from a third of the U.S., via Nelson.

SMBC: Ten percent, AI, Priority.


1972 Magnavox Odyssey promotional film 😍. Via Nelson.

If OpenSSL were a GUI is funny. HN.

Shitty tech ℹ️

jwz: The flesh you wear is a lie you tell the world. Apple can see your true face.

RPS: What Diablo Immortal costs if you let it happen.

weekly reel June 5, 2022

👋, and music with new Skinless Lizard.

Andromeda by Skinless Lizard (bandcamp.com)


The Ameriguns, thx Isa.

jwz: Long live the new flesh, Say hello to mechanically separated chicken!


Linus Akesson: Partita prelude for 8-bit ensemble.

MarkovJunior, a “probabilistic programming language where programs are combinations of rewrite rules, and inference is performed via constraint propagation”. No entiendo, but the results are very pretty. Via waxy.

Jblow @ No-frauds club, ep 2 made me want to play The Witness again.

AI generating images: AI versus corporate logos and A still of Kermit The Frog in xyz, both via waxy.

Shitty tech ℹ️

Letter in support of responsible fintech policy.

weekly reel May 29, 2022

Bonjour bonsoir, and music with Narcotix and Ada Rook.

Mommy Issues by The Narcotix (bandcamp.com)



[fr] Guillaume Pitron @ RTS : Deux fois plus polluant que l’aviation, le numérique pèse insidieusement sur le climat. Via Nouveau Projet.

MRMO-Halftone, a “shader-based halftone offset printing emulation process that aims to evoke the feel of color halftone prints”. 😍.

A City in a Bottle 🌆, tiny city and raycasting that fits in a tweet (decoding by Daniel Darabos). Via waxy.

80s and early 90s chart-making software, from the before-Excel era. Via waxy.

Image AI stuff: DALLE-2 AI “variant test” (twitter thread): starting with the prompt “a bad photo” and requesting variations of each image. Also, Imagen, a new DALL·E 2 rival. Via waxy.

weekly reel May 22, 2022

Hello, nerdlordz. Damnit, this week was chock full of excellent new electro, with fresh stuff from Moderat, M.O.O.N., Wilma Vritra, Four Tet.

MORE D4TA by Moderat (bandcamp.com)

Come! See!! by M.O.O.N. (bandcamp.com)

Grotto by Wilma Vritra (bandcamp.com)

Only Human by KH (bandcamp.com)


[fr] Gaël Giraud @ Sismique podcast, excellent comme d’habitude.

These photos of the Davis-Monthan Air Force base in Tucson reminded me of Koyaanisqatsi.


People Make Games: Making sense of VRChat, the “metaverse” people actually like. Wow; I’m generally skeptical about the whole thing, but this looks fun and goofy. Great documentary too.

... which made me discover other videos from People Make Games, who produce videogames commentary / documentary that resonates with me. In particular, on the topic of receiving and listening –or not– to player feedback in games: Why Subnautica owes its success to this button and Why the sound of a gun had to be nerfed in Wolf: ET.

Shitty tech ℹ️

Nicholas Weaver: All cryptocurrency should die in a fire.