weekly reel January 16, 2022

Hi frendz. Lots of gud newly-discovered music this week: Colin Fisher, Willie Dunn, Labelle.

Reflections of the Invisible World by Colin Fisher (bandcamp.com)

Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies: The Willie Dunn Anthology (bandcamp.com)

Éclat by Labelle (bandcamp.com)


Berlin’s urban transformation is wunderbar: an SF transplant’s view.

Kottke: Fashion for hostile architecture.


Robert Wills - Light years ahead: The 1969 Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC), thx Heinz. I like the 6 design principles he extracts:

  1. Use a high-level language
  2. Divide into jobs
  3. Restart on failure
  4. Checkpoint good state
  5. Hardware monitors the software
  6. Send telemetry

Yahtzee Croshaw – Extra Punctuation: Bad games are better than bland games.

Steam - Mon Bazou, a.k.a. Need For Speed: Côte Nord, featuring un simulateur de coupe de bois, de cabane à sucre, et de culture de cannabis.

Shitty tech

Vice: Google’s union-busting “Project Vivian” campaign.

Wired: Google’s alleged scheme to corner the online ad market.

weekly reel January 9, 2022

Hi geeks. The weekly grooves are L'Éclair, merci Sam.

Sauropoda by L'Eclair (bandcamp.com)


[fr] André Grimaldi & Serge Slama @ Mediapart - Irresponsabilité des non-vaccinés.

[fr] La climatologue Valérie Masson-Delmotte commente le film “Don’t look up”.

[fr] Nitot - En vrac début 2022 climat & tech.


Real Engineering - Engineering the James Webb telescope.

Lots of crypto / “web3” blah this week. A selection, ordered from least to most ranty:

Also, The Verge: Signal’s plausibly incoming integration of easy crypto payments will attract criminals and could offer an excuse for regulators to eliminate end-to-end encrypted chat. Via nelson.

Linus Akesson: Monti On The 'Bin and Qwertuoso.

Shitty tech

The Wire - Tek Fog: A social media manipulation tool popular in India to help “Cyber troops” push and amplify right-wing messages.

DF: The algorithmic ad monster cometh for podcasts.

weekly reel January 2, 2022

¡Feliz año nuevo!, folks 🎉. Have some Loraine James.

Reflection by Loraine James (bandcamp.com)


[fr] L'Histoire nous le dira est la chaîne vidéo d’un docteur en histoire québécois qui amène une perspective historique bienvenue à plein de choses. Un Monsieur Phi de l’histoire, efficace et digeste. Merci Heinz.

Atlantic & David Henkin: The weird unit of time that is the 7-day week.

Kottke: The photos of the year for 2021.

Oldie but goodie, thx James: Onion - Yamaha CEO Pleased With Current Production Of Jet Skis, Alto Saxophones, Snowmobiles, Power Generators, Scooters, Golf Carts.

SMBC: Science, Wizardry.

xkcd #2560 - Confounding Variables.


Jaron Lanier (2010) What is a person? Thx James.

Benno Rice (LCA 2020) What UNIX cost us. Felt like an average tech rant for the first half, but keep at it, it’s worth its time for the last half that widens to broader socio-cultural questions still related to the initial point. Merci Heinz.

Jonathan Blow: OOP is shuffling papers on your desk.

adn: Status addicts and Anti-mimetic tactics for living a counter-cultural life (HN).

a normal person explains cryptocurrency 😄.

weekly reel December 19, 2021

Bonjour bonsoir, and music with Magdalena Bay & aya.

Mercurial World by Magdalena Bay (bandcamp.com)

im hole by aya (bandcamp.com)


2021 as viewed by Associated Press’ photos.

Scott Alexander: The phrase “No Evidence” is a red flag for bad science communication, and Addendum.

[fr] Thinkerview - Clément Viktorovitch et Étienne Klein, 👏👏👏.

[fr] Le très très savoureux journal de campagne de Pierre-Emmanuel Barré est d’utilité publique. Merci Berthe.

Intercept: Your debt is someone else’s asset.

SMBC - Hey man.


Project Zero: A deep dive into an NSO zero-click iMessage exploit and related xkcd #2556: Turing complete.

CHUNGUS 2, a 1Hz Minecraft CPU — capable of running Tetris, Snake, and more in real-time with MCHPRS, a server that speeds up redstone computation by up to 180x. Via waxy.

[fr] Nitot : En vrac de Noël.

@brohrer: War stories please. What’s the jankiest piece of tech you’ve seen a company depend on? Merci Heinz.

unicode is fun.

weekly reel December 12, 2021

👋, humans. Have some ocnotes, thx James.

Food-$$-Booze-Xmas by ocnotes (bandcamp.com)


jwz: Vaccination and base rate fallacy.

SMBC: Feral economist.

Yankee Candle’s stages of abstraction, via waxy.


Another 👌 optimization lecture by Casey Muratori (of Handmade Hero) extracted from his “refterm” project aiming at building a performant terminal emulator: 1. Philosophies of optimization, 2. Slow code isolation, 3. Minimal buffer processing, 4. Glyph hash table, 5. Parsing with SIMD.