weekly reel November 20, 2022

Bonjour bonsoir, and music with Moor Mother.

Jazz Codes by Moor Mother (bandcamp.com)


[fr] Jancovici : Audition à l'assemblée nationale française, 2 nov. 2022.

[fr] Philoxime - COP 27 : pertes & préjudices.

vlogbrothers: How much does humanity weigh?

Floor796, “an ever-expanding animation scene showing the life of the 796th floor of the huge space station”. Via waxy.

SMBC: Clowning 😄.


xkcd - #2699: Messaging feature comparison, #2701: Change in slope.

GMTK - Why do God of War’s characters keep spoiling puzzles?

Kevin Zurawel @ Strange Loop 2021: Game development in 8 bits.

twittoor, “cartoons about life at Twitter”.

Shitty tech ℹ️

Amazon exec gets ripped to shreds by Labour MPs over working conditions in select committee hearing, thx Jo.

weekly reel November 13, 2022

Hey geeks, and music with Swans.

The Seer by SWANS (bandcamp.com)


SMBC: Twin.

The PBF: A fit of the vapours.


Drew DeVault: In praise of Plan 9.

Pinafore’s (a Mastodon client) interesting “wellness settings”, “designed to reduce the addictive or anxiety-inducing aspects of social media”. Via Nelson.

Frost / Escapist: Why I don't play good games.

Technology Connections: Censoring bad words with 1980s tech.

Shitty tech ℹ️

Kind of a follow-up to last week’s mention of Valve’s gambling problem, Mutahar: Why Roblox is not safe for children.

weekly reel November 6, 2022

👋! Music, with Planning for burial and Horse jumper of love, thx OJ.

Natural Part by Horse Jumper of Love (bandcamp.com)

Planning for Burial / Midwife by Planning For Burial (bandcamp.com)


[fr] Homo Fabulus : Peut-on être de gauche et aimer la biologie du comportement humain ? (psycho évo #8)

vlogbrothers: My secret obsession.


John Romero @ Strange Loop 2022: The early days of id Software: programming principles or John Romero - DOOM’s development: A year of madness, they’re the same talk.

Jack Rusher @ Strange Loop 2022: Stop writing dead programs, thx Heinz.

Mike Masnick / Techdirt: Hey Elon, let me help you speedrun the content moderation learning curve.

Shitty tech ℹ️

People Make Games: Valve’s gambling problem. Wow. Had the impression that Valve was less shitty than Epic/Fortnite about gambling (probably due to a positive prior I have about Valve because of the objectively good / ecosystem-healthy work they’re doing with Linux/Proton), and oh boy was I wrong. The whole thing absolutely stinks.

Andy Baio - Invasive Diffusion: How one unwilling illustrator found herself turned into an AI model. Also, AI-generated art sparks furious backlash from Japan’s anime community.

weekly reel October 30, 2022

Hi geeks, and music with uSSSy.

Naghma by uSSSy (bandcamp.com)


[fr] Clément Viktorovitch - L'humour, Va-t-on vraiment vers la “sobriété énergétique” ?

vlogbrothers: Instantly debateable.


Marian Petre @ Strange Loop 2022: Expert software developers’ approach to error, thx James.

weekly reel October 23, 2022

Woop woop, frendz, and music with new Birds in Row.

Gris Klein by Birds in Row (bandcamp.com)


Futurology: Montreal’s 6.9 billion $ new railway network, the REM.

vlogbrothers: Vague questions that lead to the formation of simple opinions, that are likely to conflict with the opinions of others, are more likely to create conflict and to go viral. Also, often, the answers to those questions are invalid, because the questions themselves are wrong.

Asianometry: Soviet nuclear icebreakers.

SMBC: New cold war, Loot drop.

Sugar gliders.


Linus Akesson: The Commodordion is “an 8-bit accordion primarily made of C64s, floppy disks, and gaffer tape”.

Drew DeVault: In praise of ffmpeg.

matklad: Writing good troubleshooting wiki articles.

Yahtzee / Extra Punctuation: Monkey Island and the complicated art of puzzles.

r/gamedev: Funniest line of code you wrote while making a game?

Shitty tech ℹ️

ProPublica: Rent going up? One company’s algorithm could be why. via jwz.

GitHub Copilot investigation.

Most Windows OEM laptops are full of mal/bloatware that non-computerists are ill-equipped to disengage. HN.