godspeed weekly reel January 19, 2014

Just coming back from two nights of Godspeed You! Black Emperor here in Montréal. Beautiful, sincere, urgent, human. So Godspeed it will be:

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Moya (youtube.com)

And then,

  • Same word. Different places? Different meanings. Derek Sivers writes about words and they varying interpretation.
  • Court strikes down FCCs net neutrality rules, agency may appeal, f*ck.
  • Schneier news:
    • How the NSA Threatens National Security:
      "Not only is ubiquitous surveillance ineffective, it is extraordinarily costly. I don't mean just the budgets, which will continue to skyrocket. Or the diplomatic costs, as country after country learns of our surveillance programs against their citizens. I'm also talking about the cost to our society. It breaks so much of what our society has built. It breaks our political systems, as Congress is unable to provide any meaningful oversight and citizens are kept in the dark about what government does. It breaks our legal systems, as laws are ignored or reinterpreted, and people are unable to challenge government actions in court. It breaks our commercial systems, as US computer products and services are no longer trusted worldwide. It breaks our technical systems, as the very protocols of the Internet become untrusted. And it breaks our social systems; the loss of privacy, freedom, and liberty is much more damaging to our society than the occasional act of random violence."
    • Security Risks of Embedded Systems, excellent article on imminent trouble with unpatched hardware.
  • Losing Aaron.
  • How to Look at Art.
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