weekly reel June 24, 2014

Damon Albarn tells us about our Photographs:

Damon Albarn - Photographs (youtube-nocookie.com)

And this week, a batch of news from-the-internets-and-about-the-internets:

  • This Is Phil Fish, good mini-documentary about internet culture and celebrity.
  • Two beautiful StillDrinking articles:
    • On TL;DR: The Big Truth.
    • One Space, Two Space, Shut Up, #@$% You, on human exchanges and the impossibility of real discussion on the web:
      "As a species, we've been pretending for centuries that the content of our conversation is the important thing. There is an intense form of conversation where this is true, but it's a taxing way to relate. The better part of our dialogue is a way to get to know people, pass time, and feel closer to each other, and this is the bedrock upon which to have the taxing kind of conversation, the occasional argument, and exchange complicated or sensitive information. The internet wars remove this bedrock, to better document the fragility of our egos, and their volcanic responses to challenge."
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