weekly reel August 6, 2017

Howdy, friends! Tons of music this week! More! Exclamation! Marks! Alrighty, let's go. Awesome Arabic sound via a fantastic bandcamp/daily focus on Nawa Recordings: 👍 Alif 👍 a.k.a. "what Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” might sound like if Robert Plant and Jimmy Page actually knew Arabic music", and Khyam Allami. Then, the incoming Tricky, Sylvan Esso for catchy feminine vocals + gooood beats that remind a bit of The Do, strong Amanda Fucking Palmer is strong in her piano version of Theatre is Evil, the psych-black of Oranssi Pazuzu, and more touring the world with Radiohead live, this week in Denmark.

Aynama-Rtama by Alif (bandcamp.com)

Resonance/Dissonance by Khyam Allami (bandcamp.com)

ununiform by Tricky (bandcamp.com)

Sylvan Esso by Sylvan Esso (bandcamp.com)

Sylvan Esso - Die Young (youtube-nocookie.com)

Piano Is Evil by Amanda Palmer (bandcamp.com)

Värähtelijä by Oranssi Pazuzu (bandcamp.com)

Radiohead @ Northside, Aarhus, Denmark - 11 Jun 2017 (youtube-nocookie.com)


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