weekly reel November 4, 2018

Bonjour bonsoir, frendz. This week's 🎶 is a fun cover by Hot 8 Brass Band.

Hot 8 Brass Band / Joy Division - Love will tear us apart (youtube-nocookie.com)

On the news,

  • SSC / Scott Alexander: Sort by controversial. 👏👏👏.
  • Tech:
    • Logic / Astra Taylor: The automation charade, via l'excellent [fr] Repères 04 d'Atelier10.

      The problem is that the emphasis on technological factors alone, as though “disruptive innovation” comes from nowhere or is as natural as a cool breeze, casts an air of blameless inevitability over something that has deep roots in class conflict. The phrase “robots are taking our jobs” gives technology agency it doesn’t (yet?) possess, whereas “capitalists are making targeted investments in robots designed to weaken and replace human workers so they can get even richer” is less catchy but more accurate.

      Capitalism needs workers to be and feel vulnerable, and because automation has an ideological function as well as a technological dimension, leftists must keep intervening in conversations about technological change and what to do about it. Instead of capitulating to the owning class’s loose talk of automation as a foreordained next phase of production, we should counter with demands that are both visionary and feasible: a federal job guarantee that provides meaningful work to all who want it or job sharing through a significant reduction in the workweek. When pundits predict mass unemployment following a robot takeover, we should call for collective ownership of the robots and generous social benefits detached from employment status, including pushing for a progressive variation of a universal basic income under a rallying cry that updates the 1970s socialist feminist slogan to Wages for All Work—not just the work that bosses recognize as worthy of a meager paycheck.

    • TechCrunch: Tim Cook on the ‘data industrial complex’.
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