rust February 15, 2021


This blag used to be spat out by a static site generator written in Python!

This blag is now spat out by a static site generator written in Rust, "a language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software" !

Both are dope!

These days I like Rust a lot!

You should totally give it a try and see for yourself if you like it too!

"Why the rewrite?" Because as I learnt Rust, I looked for a project to get my hands dirty, and my head tilted sideways when I thought about this blog's generator: under-engineered, untested, exploding into a million shiny sputtering sparkles everytime I touched a screw. No better way to practice a new language than to rewrite a {small, known, broken} evil!

Nope, I won't publish the source, as 1. it would need a good amount of generalization & configurability work to be broadly useful outside of my narrow use case, and 2. I have zarroo desire to maintain yet another open-source static site generator and answer your bug reports 😁. There are already nineteen bajillion excellent ones under the sun, including a great one in Rust and using the same templating engine: Zola!

Aaaand apart from THANK YOU RUST COMMUNITY, I have nothing to write about Rust, it's totally all the things you read about it on Hipster News, and more! But, happy to chat about it IRL!

::<❤️👋>! On that note, here are ten scraps of rust for your ears:

Wet and rusting by Menomena (

Polyphonic rust by Igorrr (

Rust by El Huervo (

Let the cool goddess rust away by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (

Rusty nails by Moderat (

Impression rustique by SHPIK (

Rustic raver by Squarepusher (

Rustic city fathers by Vic Chesnutt (

Rustem by Taraf de Haïdouks (

Rusted wheel by Silversun Pickups (

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