weekly reel December 5, 2021

Hellooo frendz. Have some old new Nils Frahm.

Old Friends New Friends by Nils Frahm (bandcamp.com)


Kottke: Arctic snow goggles, How bikes work.

[fr] 10 points sur la taxation mondiale des multinationales.


Casey Muratori: Where does bad code come from? and Q&A. TL;DR: development drifting away from the real low-level work to be done, through { 1. cargo culting of software “best practices” out of touch with hard reality, 2. wasteful tooling, too many layers & dependencies }. I would add 3. removal of constraints by steady hardware progress hiding & enabling software sloppiness.

Brown; color is weird. Which made me discover Technology Connections, a collection of amazing and fun technical deep dives into tech we use in our daily lives.

SMBC: Dystopia.

Shitty tech

The Markup: Amazon Brand Detector, a browser extension that reveals more-or-less distinguishable Amazon products while you shop.

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