weekly reel December 19, 2021

Bonjour bonsoir, and music with Magdalena Bay & aya.

Mercurial World by Magdalena Bay (bandcamp.com)

im hole by aya (bandcamp.com)


2021 as viewed by Associated Press’ photos.

Scott Alexander: The phrase “No Evidence” is a red flag for bad science communication, and Addendum.

[fr] Thinkerview - Clément Viktorovitch et Étienne Klein, 👏👏👏.

[fr] Le très très savoureux journal de campagne de Pierre-Emmanuel Barré est d’utilité publique. Merci Berthe.

Intercept: Your debt is someone else’s asset.

SMBC - Hey man.


Project Zero: A deep dive into an NSO zero-click iMessage exploit and related xkcd #2556: Turing complete.

CHUNGUS 2, a 1Hz Minecraft CPU — capable of running Tetris, Snake, and more in real-time with MCHPRS, a server that speeds up redstone computation by up to 180x. Via waxy.

[fr] Nitot : En vrac de Noël.

@brohrer: War stories please. What’s the jankiest piece of tech you’ve seen a company depend on? Merci Heinz.

unicode is fun.

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