weekly reel January 9, 2022

Hi geeks. The weekly grooves are L'Éclair, merci Sam.

Sauropoda by L'Eclair (bandcamp.com)


[fr] André Grimaldi & Serge Slama @ Mediapart - Irresponsabilité des non-vaccinés.

[fr] La climatologue Valérie Masson-Delmotte commente le film “Don’t look up”.

[fr] Nitot - En vrac début 2022 climat & tech.


Real Engineering - Engineering the James Webb telescope and Smarter Every Day 262 - How does the James Webb Space Telescope work?.

Lots of crypto / “web3” blah this week. A selection, ordered from least to most ranty:

Also, The Verge: Signal’s plausibly incoming integration of easy crypto payments will attract criminals and could offer an excuse for regulators to eliminate end-to-end encrypted chat. Via nelson.

Linus Akesson: Monti On The 'Bin and Qwertuoso.

Shitty tech

The Wire - Tek Fog: A social media manipulation tool popular in India to help “Cyber troops” push and amplify right-wing messages.

DF: The algorithmic ad monster cometh for podcasts.

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