weekly reel January 16, 2022

Hi frendz. Lots of gud newly-discovered music this week: Colin Fisher, Willie Dunn, Labelle.

Reflections of the Invisible World by Colin Fisher (bandcamp.com)

Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies: The Willie Dunn Anthology (bandcamp.com)

Éclat by Labelle (bandcamp.com)


Berlin’s urban transformation is wunderbar: an SF transplant’s view.

Kottke: Fashion for hostile architecture.


Robert Wills - Light years ahead: The 1969 Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC), thx Heinz. I like the 6 design principles he extracts:

  1. Use a high-level language
  2. Divide into jobs
  3. Restart on failure
  4. Checkpoint good state
  5. Hardware monitors the software
  6. Send telemetry

Yahtzee Croshaw – Extra Punctuation: Bad games are better than bland games.

Steam - Mon Bazou, a.k.a. Need For Speed: Côte Nord, featuring un simulateur de coupe de bois, de cabane à sucre, et de culture de cannabis.

Shitty tech

Vice: Google’s union-busting “Project Vivian” campaign.

Wired: Google’s alleged scheme to corner the online ad market.

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