weekly reel January 30, 2022

Hi geeks, and music with Hania Rani and Russian choir (1, 2), merci Isa.

Alone I set out on the road - Выхожу один я на дорогу (youtube-nocookie.com)

Where are you flying, cuckoo? - Куда летишь, кукушечка (youtube-nocookie.com)

Live from Studio S2 by Hania Rani (bandcamp.com)


Scott Alexander: Bounded distrust.

Nature Photographer of Year 2021.

Alex Falcone: “I have nothing to hide (and that’s a shame because I love hiding stuff)” 😄.

Shitty tech

Yanis Varoufakis on crypto / NFTs and techno-feudalism. An excellent complement to last week’s Dan Olson: The problem with NFTs, which yes you should totally spend 2 hours watching —or download to your phone and listen to! There's little to see—.

Wikipedia: Gold standard.

Nvidia: face-vid2vid, “One-shot free-view neural talking-head synthesis for video conferencing”.

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