weekly reel March 6, 2022

Hi frendz. No new music this week; have my (so far) favorite Godspeed.

Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress by Godspeed You! Black Emperor (bandcamp.com)

Ukraine war ℹ️

OKAY, MAINSTREAM OCCIDENTAL MEDIA, YOU DON’T LIKE RUSSIAN “OLIGARCHS”. ME NEITHER. Now, will you apply the definition of oligarchy to our own occidental societies and remember to report on our own homegrown oligarchs, to name them as such, to investigate their hoarding of power in anti-democratic and socially-destructive ways, their manipulation of media, and their fiscal evasion, pretty please? Fffffuck I want to kick the radio/screen every time I hear this thought-gagball of a propaganda word our journalists carefully save for rich russian assholes while avoiding applying it to rich occidental assholes, zealotly virtue-signalling the occident and avoiding introspection. As if our “exploitative rich dudes with power and far-reaching hands, but born in sweet’Merica / Europe” were not oligarchs. Q: “Uuuh, maybe our oligarchs pay the media too, and it’s difficult to bite the hand that feeds you?” A: Yeah yeah.

[fr] Médiapart fait du bon travail de terrain et d’entrevues 👏.

Nadine White / The Independent: The racial bias in western media’s Ukraine coverage is shameful. Ou en français : Viktorovitch : pour Zemmour et Bardella, tous les réfugiés ne se valent pas.

Paweł Jońca: Russian bear steps on Ukrainian lego.

Casey Newton: The internet is a force multiplier for Ukraine.


[fr] Nitot : Que dit le nouveau rapport du GIEC sur l'adaptation ?

SMBC: Forests.


MIT: The staggering ecological impacts of computation and “the cloud”.

Derek Sivers: Write plain text files (HN). Fuck yes.

No-Frauds Club: Following the fun - A conversation with Raigan Burns (designer of games N and N++). Excellent game design chat.

Alexander Pruss: Game Boy Fiver (Wordle clone) - How to compress 12972 five-letter words to 17871 bytes. Via Leah Neukirchen.

Toward an ethics and etiquette for electronic mail (1985).

Shitty tech ℹ️

Epic Games buys Bandcamp. Pitchfork, HN.

Ars: Cybercriminal-o-cryptobros who breached Nvidia threaten with more IP leak if Nvidia doesn’t stop stimying cryptomining (HN).

Nick Heer: Meta (Facebook) launders its reputation through small businesses:

All Apple did to push Meta’s buttons is that it now requires explicit consent for tracking. If Meta’s business model cannot handle a simple question of permissions, that is a pretty crappy business model. It should have been better prepared for a day when lawmakers started asking questions.

But it was not. Meta’s best move has been to use the plight of small businesses, lured by its short-term promises, to excuse its unethical practices. Shame.

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