weekly reel March 20, 2022

Hi geeks, and music with Ben Lukas Boysen, and Sectioned (thx Sam).

Clarion by Ben Lukas Boysen (bandcamp.com)

Annihilated by Sectioned (bandcamp.com)

Ukraine war ℹ️

[fr] Médiapart - Oligarques russes, plongée dans le système Poutine. La semaine dernière j’étais agacé par l’insistance des médias occidentaux à utiliser de façon isolée ce mot “oligarque”, singularisant les accaparateurs de pouvoir russes, et soustrayant les nôtres du même regard critique. Il y a toutefois des particularités au système russe, que creuse cette entrevue.

Then, back on the topic of western oligarchy and benefiting from the russian system: Kottke: Putin’s oligarchs and the London laundromat, and New Yorker: Turning the focus on America’s oligarchs.

Scott Alexander: Ukraine thoughts.

[fr] Osons causer - Gaz russe : comment Poutine a piégé l’Europe.

Kottke: Ukrainian stamp design contest.

Schwarzy’s “Message to the russian people” is interesting propaganda.


Kottke: Winners of the 2021 World Nature Photography Awards, Winners of the 2022 Sony World Photography Awards.

[fr/qc] L’architecture vernaculaire Québécoise.

[fr] Blast cause avec Philippe Poutou.

Kottke: Mimi Choi’s surrealist makeup.

SMBC: Refresh, Scythe, Evolutionist.


Kottke: RCA’s “SelectaVision”, the weird and doomed early 80s video record player, plus part 4 and part 5.

Noclip Documentary - Black Mesa: 16 years to remake Half-Life.

Ars: Is Elden Ring “hard”? , which led me to discover Kaizo Mario World.

Timezone fun! Also, BuzzFeed: Everyone was surprised the senate unanimously passed permanent DST, especially the senators.

Rohan Kumar: An inventory of search engines with their own indexes.

Vice: Behind the Twitter bot posting the gender pay gap of brands celebrating International Women’s Day. 👏.

Atlantic: Lessons from 19 years in the (Second Life) metaverse.

Light mode, dark mode, and gen-z mode.

Shitty tech ℹ️

Jenny Nicholson: The gender bias inside GPT-3.

DNA Lounge: Wherein there are lots of things to be angry about, but one of them is still TicketMaster.

[fr] Nitot : En vrac sur les NFTs, cryptomonnaies, et blockchains.

SPAs were a mistake. Are, not were. HN.

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