weekly reel May 8, 2022

Woop. On the music side, PIANO CHAT / Marceau Boré is awesome. Also, new old Tellier.

Ours Molaire by PIANO CHAT (bandcamp.com)

NOUS by PIANO CHAT (bandcamp.com)

Lands by PIANO CHAT (bandcamp.com)

Schoon Donker by Marceau Boré (bandcamp.com)

La Ritournelle EP [New edition] by Sébastien Tellier (bandcamp.com)


Stereogum: Why are musicians expected to be miserable on tour just to break even? and Adam Neely of Sungazer on their tour expenses. Via waxy.

Kevin Kelly: 103 bits of advice.

SMBC: Finite, Robot.

Shitty tech ℹ️

Scott Alexander: Every Bay Area house party.

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