weekly reel August 21, 2022

Woop woop, et musique avec Mendelson.

Le dernier album by Mendelson (bandcamp.com)


Hank Green: What’s in the U.S. climate bill.

John Carmack interviewed by Lex Fridman 👏👏👏.

Atlantic: Views from the top.

SMBC: Boom, Model parent, AIfterlife.


Hans Petter Jansson: Adventure game graphics with DALL-E 2.

DALL·E goes commercial, but what about copyright?

Getting the world record in HATETRIS.

adn: Games and “deep instinctive changes”.

jwz: Lucid Emacs was released 30 years ago, cool promo video. FunnySad how “It failed in the marketplace because our target audience mostly still thought that vi and printf("here\n") was good enough and why would you bother with anything more complicated than that” ... still happens 30 years later.

Shitty tech ℹ️

DF / Business Insider: Facebook’s AI chatbot has election-denying, antisemitic bugs to work out.

Ad tech revenue statements indicate unclear effects of “App Tracking Transparency”, via DF: 1, 2.

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