weekly reel November 6, 2022

👋! Music, with Planning for burial and Horse jumper of love, thx OJ.

Natural Part by Horse Jumper of Love (bandcamp.com)

Planning for Burial / Midwife by Planning For Burial (bandcamp.com)


[fr] Homo Fabulus : Peut-on être de gauche et aimer la biologie du comportement humain ? (psycho évo #8)

vlogbrothers: My secret obsession.


John Romero @ Strange Loop 2022: The early days of id Software: programming principles or John Romero - DOOM’s development: A year of madness, they’re the same talk.

Jack Rusher @ Strange Loop 2022: Stop writing dead programs, thx Heinz.

Mike Masnick / Techdirt: Hey Elon, let me help you speedrun the content moderation learning curve.

Shitty tech ℹ️

People Make Games: Valve’s gambling problem. Wow. Had the impression that Valve was less shitty than Epic/Fortnite about gambling (probably due to a positive prior I have about Valve because of the objectively good / ecosystem-healthy work they’re doing with Linux/Proton), and oh boy was I wrong. The whole thing absolutely stinks.

Andy Baio - Invasive Diffusion: How one unwilling illustrator found herself turned into an AI model. Also, AI-generated art sparks furious backlash from Japan’s anime community.

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