weekly reel December 18, 2022

Woop. Music, with Benjamin Clementine, Washing machine techno, and The hardcore coffee machine (merci Rufin 😄).

Benjamin Clementine - And I have been (youtube-nocookie.com)

Washing machine techno (youtube-nocookie.com)

The Hardcore Coffee Machine (youtube-nocookie.com)


SMBC: Bad code, Addicted, Tangled.


Scott Alexander: Perhaps it is a bad thing that the world’s leading AI companies cannot control their AIs. Reddit blah.

Bryan Cantrill @ GOTO 2017 - Debugging under fire: Keep your head when systems have lost their mind.

Genders.wtf, a collection of absurd-but-real gender form fields. Via waxy.

Found this gem on a Hipster News thread, from @antihero + @lrvick:

  • Linux is like driving a car with your hands in the engine.
  • Windows is like driving a car that is actually a city bus full of hostile randos that take a lot of effort to constantly remove.
  • MacOS is like driving a car by yelling at the driver from the kids seat in the back.

... In the end, learning how an engine works to maintain one myself is not so bad.

[Shameless self-plug] By the way, if you haven’t read it yet, my linux nerd toolbox is full of good things.

Shitty tech ℹ️

Vox: Fortnite maker Epic Games has to pay 520 million $ for tricking kids and violating their privacy (HN). Good commenting by Muta, who links to Dark Pattern Games.

Meanwhile, everything’s fine at Twitter.

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