weekly reel February 12, 2023

Bonjour bonsoir, and music with more Colin Stetson.

La Peur (original motion picture soundtrack) by Colin Stetson (bandcamp.com)


Not Just Bikes: Amsterdam’s new “bicycle stables” are awesome.

[fr] Clément Viktorovitch : L’Assemblée Nationale française s’est elle “bordélisée” ?

McSweeney’s - When to turn your heat on: a decision guide.

xkcd: Only Serifs.


Ted Chiang: ChatGPT is a blurry JPEG of the web. 👏👏👏, amazing Ted Chiang. Recent AIs (ChatGPT but also DALLE2 & Stable Diffusion) amaze me by the mere compression they achieve. Ted explores this, with a very pertinent reminder of Xerox’s JBIG2 mishap, and asks a million excellent questions. One of the best articles I’ve ever read about ChatGPT.

Peter Welch: AI is not the problem.

Scott Alexander: Mostly skeptical thoughts on the chatbot propaganda apocalypse.

DAN, the cat-and-mouse game played by r/ChatGPT trying to break free from OpenAI’s limitations of ChatGPT.


Technology Connections: A simple water heater is more clever than it seems.

Yahtzee Croshaw / Extra Punctuation: Comedy in games should be more than just quips.

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