weekly reel March 12, 2023

Yowdy frendz, and music with Dreamcrusher.

Suite ONE by DREAMCRUSHER (bandcamp.com)


Not Just Bikes: Stupid SUVs are literally killing us. Excellent rant backed by hard facts. Seeing such a usually mild-mannered commentator explode with rage gives a measure of how infuriating this situation is.

[fr] Clément Viktorovitch : Est-il légitime de bloquer tout le pays ?

[fr] Stupid Economics : Ce que cache la réforme des retraites.

[fr] Débat Jancovici / Marignac : Demain, quelles énergies ?

[fr] Science4All : Qui paiera pour la sécurité ?

Winners of 2022’s World Nature Photography Awards, via Kottke.

SMBC: Time travel III, xkcd #2747: Presents for biologists.


Allan Blomquist: Tomorrow Corp. tech demo (caveats, HN). Neat demo of the tooling for a commercial indie game. Integrated editor, hot-reloading code & assets, debugging, reverse-debugging with snapshots 😍.

Yahtzee / Extra Punctuation: The “live-service” game model is dying.

The Onion: SpaceX Crew Member Realizes He Fired After Being Locked Out Of Capsule 😄.

Shitty tech ℹ️

In “I have nothing to hide” news,

r/Android: Samsung “space zoom” moon shots are fake (HN), thx Heinz. Oh how surprising from that same company that is repeatedly caught pretending high-end-DLSR photos were taken by their phones, only to be caught by EXIF metadata 🤦‍♂️. EDIT March 15: they blog about it and seem to be happy about it.

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