weekly reel April 23, 2023

Bonjour bonsoir geeks, and music with new Martyn Heyne.

Eight reflections in darkness by Martyn Heyne (bandcamp.com)


Solving a maze with water, and How do electrons find the “path of least resistance”?

aaron hughes: Five Cents, via Kottke.

Charles Brooks: Architecture in music, via Kottke.


Drew DeVault: Who should lead us? Fuck yeah, and an excellent conclusion rightly bashing on “Craft X/Y/Z should remain apolitical” stupidity (where “Craft X/Y/Z” is software, music, movies, writing, video games, whatever):

Forget the politics and focus on the software? It’s simply not possible. Free software is politics. Treating other people with respect, maturity, and professionalism, and valuing their contributions at any level, including leadership, regardless of their appearance or identity – that’s just part of being a good person. That is apolitical.

Technological antisolutions, via jwz.

Drew DeVault: The Free Software Foundation is dying.

Quake Speedruns Explained: This “Quake Done Quick” project is a work of art.


[fr] Monsieur Phi : GPT-4 est-il incontrôlable ?

[fr] Nitot : ChatGPT et l’IA générative sont-ils compatibles avec le virage climatique ?

Leonard French: You don’t own your AI-generated content.

Shitty tech ℹ️

NYT: The real-world costs of the digital race for Bitcoin.

Mike Masnick @ TechDirt: Substack CEO Chris Best doesn’t realize he’s just become the nazi bar. From the same author, see also (2022) Hey Elon: Let me help you speed run the content moderation learning curve, and Yishan on moderation at Reddit.

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