weekly reel June 4, 2023

Bonjour bonsoir, and music with new Horse jumper of love.

Heartbreak Rules by Horse Jumper of Love (bandcamp.com)


Arnaud Delannoy: Careless Whisper’s lick on 100 instruments (but without saxophone), via waxy.

xkcd #2782: Wikipedia article titles specificity.

SMBC: Clippy, Grablex.


Tom7 - GradIEEEnt half decent: The hidden power of imprecise lines 👏.

Graydon Hoare on the Rustconf fiasco: Batten down fix later, via r/rust.

I guess my main suggestion is a don’t-listen-to-me suggestion: “hire and listen to professionals with training in the subject”, where “the subject” covers everything “a bunch of compiler nerds” are typically bad at. Project management to political science to finance to communications to mediation to personnel.

The Project is now a decently large (and very diffuse) organization, and humans have studied how to run those for a long time, have categories of professionals who are expert in each topic. Listen to them. Don’t try to work each out from first principles, and don't pretend that because you're a bunch of compiler nerds on the internet you get to dodge all the mechanisms of a normal organization.

Shitty tech ℹ️

Reddit’s upcoming hostile API pricing mimicks Twitter’s.

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