weekly reel July 16, 2023

Hey geeks, and music with PJ Harvey:

I inside the old year dying by PJ Harvey (bandcamp.com)


Nautilus: A third of North America’s birds have vanished.

“Brossez vous les dents sous la douche”.

Real Engineering: The questionable engineering of Oceangate.

SMBC: Copyright.


Anil Dash: “VC qanon” and the radicalization of the tech tycoons.

Legal Lullabies, a 50 minutes-long reading out loud of the Instagram Terms of Use. Via waxy. If this makes you giggle, see also Robert Sikoryak’s “Terms and Conditions”.

The Linux Experiment: Prospectives about the crumbling ad-based internet.


Schneier: The AI dividend.

There I ruined it, AI-generated mashups of classic singers singing modern songs. Via Nelson.

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