weekly reel August 13, 2023

Hey geeks, and music with Hashimoto.

Me with a fake moustache by Hashimoto (bandcamp.com)


Huge cars harm society.

Here's what world-class Scrabble looks like.

SMBC: Rammed, Temple, Co-op.


Tech over Tea #174: Fedora Linux with the project leader, Matthew Miller. Didn’t know Matthew; lots of balanced takes on many Linux topics.

Gary Bernhardt: The Unix chainsaw.

Julia Evans: Some tactics for writing in public.

Casey Muratori: Efficient DDA circle outlines. Cool, and learned about Digital differential analysis.

KRAZAM: AI boyfriend.


Yahtzee Croshaw: Random documents and audio logs.

The infamous EVE Online bank heist.

Shitty tech ℹ️

Karawynn Long: The coming enshittification of US public libraries, via Nelson, who sums it up: “Maker of beloved library apps Overdrive / Libby was bought by private equity firm KKR in 2020, now turning the screws of rent-seeking”. Context: see Cory Doctorow’s “enshittification” playbook & examples.

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