weekly reel January 21, 2024

👋 frendz, and music with Peter Broderick.

Blackberry by Peter Broderick (bandcamp.com)


[fr] Science Étonnante - LENIA, une nouvelle forme de vie algorithmique.

RobWords: Why E̱nglish shoul̆d start ūsing accėnt màrks, thx Isa.


SMBC: After, Farming life, Am.


Prime: Carson Gross, creator of HTMX, talks HTMX 👏👏👏.

Andy Baio: The quiet death of Ello’s big dreams.

Prime: Are developers ok? and I fixed git.


Ross Scott - Dead game news: The Crew neatly complements A wholly subscription-driven games industry would be “savage”, says Larian CEO.

Under The Mayo: The problem with remaking Silent Hill 2 – Modern audiences and censorship.

NeverKnowsBest: Lies, hate and the story of Emil Pagliarulo. A dissection of exponential spiralling hatefarming & defamation on youtube / reddit / twitter. Reminiscent of Hbomberguy’s video about plagiarism, but focused on { personal attacks, spitballing, entitlement, power tripping } instead of simple plagiarism. A reminder that angry liars can be dangerous when they have a platform.

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