weekly reel March 3, 2024

Hi geeks, and music with fresh new Godspeed songs from their tour:

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - New songs 2024-02-24: “Flowers”, “Flames”, “Feathers” (youtube-nocookie.com)


[fr] Monsieur Phi - Dilemme du prisonnier et agents Kantiens.

NYT: The absurd problem of New York City trash, via nelson. Same in Montréal –and many (most?) North America cities–, trash management here is Bad™.

Comics: xkcd #2899: Goodhart’s Law, SMBC: Post.


Prime: TigerBeetle, the fastest and safest financial transactions database 👏👏👏. Also, Tiger Style, their style & design guide which is 👏👏👏 too.


EMO: Emote Portrait Alive - Generating expressive portrait videos with Audio2Video diffusion model under weak conditions, via waxy.

Who am I? Conditional prompt injection attacks with Microsoft Copilot, via Simon Willison.

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