weekly reel June 16, 2024

Bonjour bonsoir, avec OrelSan.

OrelSan - L’odeur de l’essence (youtube-nocookie.com)


[fr] Alain Damasio : Le cyberpunk a été trahi.


Programmers are also human: Interview with Esolang Academic 2024.


Spreadsheet is all you need.

Glyph: A Grand Unified Theory of the AI Hype Cycle:

Each of these cycles has been larger and lasted longer than the last, and I want to be clear: each cycle has produced genuinely useful technology. It’s just that each follows the progress of a sigmoid curve that everyone mistakes for an exponential one.

There is an initial burst of rapid improvement, followed by gradual improvement, followed by a plateau. Initial promises imply or even state outright “if we pour more {compute, RAM, training data, money} into this, we’ll get improvements forever!” The reality is always that these strategies inevitably have a limit, usually one that does not take too long to find.


Noclip documentary - Wipeout 2097: The making of an iconic PlayStation soundtrack.

Shitty tech ℹ️

jwz: Death from the Skies, Musk Edition.

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