weekly reel June 23, 2024

Hi nerds, and music with Oiseaux-Tempête.

AL​-​'AN ! ا​ل​آ​ن (And your night is your shadow — a fairy​-​tale piece of land to make our dreams), by Oiseaux-Tempête (bandcamp.com)


[fr] Clément Viktorovitch - Reconnaître le fascisme quand il frappe à votre porte.

Not just bikes: I rode the craziest trains in Japan.

SMBC: Beauty Standards.


jwz: “Great news, everybody! Google has approved the crowdsourced updated XScreenSaver Privacy Policy. I assume that this means they find it 100% factual and endorse it entirely”. 😄, peak jwz.


Charity Majors: Generative AI is not going to build your engineering team for you, 👏👏👏.


FromSoft Word, “the Dark Souls of word processors: one typo, and it’s game over”. 😄, via waxy.

Quake Speedruns Explained - Co-op Quake: The movie.

Shitty tech ℹ️

Jim Stephanie Sterling - Embracer’s legacy: 44 axed studios, 80 axed games, 4532 axed jobs.

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